Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meet My Nemisis- The Little Black Skirt

I completely accept that I will never weigh what I did in high school, and in fact that comes as a relief due to the fact I was actually ridiculed for being TOO skinny back then- hello irony. I didn't even get to ENJOY it at the time and the thought of all those wasted opportunities to prance around in my one piece like Kate Moss on a juice fast makes me a little sad. In the Reader's Digest version of the story of my body would continue from High School to the freshman 15, slow weight gain to first baby at 21, continued weight gain to second baby at 23, a reality check and loss of 35lbs maintained for 2 years at 30, slow weight gain to unexpected baby #3 and finally a complete.emotional.breakdown at 36.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired I finally found a nutritional program that gave me ENERGY, easily fit into my schedule, and most importantly PRODUCED RESULTS. Over a period of 90 days I dropped 23lbs and 23" and have continued following the same program and maintaining those results for over a year now- which has been awesome and is DEFINITELY worth celebrating. Which I have! I've had the fat pants party, tossing the maternity jeans I had been wearing for a year and half AFTER my youngest was born. Gone are the belly bands, hippo thongs, and having hair ties on my button fly's so I can fasten my pants. I've busted out those in-between sizes between the body I had when I met my fiance and the body I was drowning in 9 years later. I've been living it up being able to move back down the sizes in my closet. I've found confidence, built a business customizing nutrition and helping other people take back their health, their closets, and their skinny jeans. I still have areas that aren't my favorite, but with the right clothing I look pretty dang good for 3 kids and I only break out the spanks for "special" occasions, so in my book I'm still winning the battle! And yet there's that ever so subtle piece of attire hanging innocently on the bottom bar to the far right of my closet that says nothing but speaks volumes....
weight loss, body after baby, nutrition for weight loss

Enter the Little.Black.Skirt. SHE has a story. SHE was carefully selected for a very special date with the man across the street who had finally asked to take me out to dinner. SHE was the perfection that made my simple black top and my favorite heels scream "Sexy, with a side of CLASSY". I wore her that night, fell in love shortly after, and grew well beyond her delicate yet unforgiving 26" hidden zipper waist.

Today I decided to see how far apart we really were...I've lost 23lbs FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, surely I can at least get the zipper like half way up....

......enter BODY REALITY CHECK #2

weight loss, body after baby, nutrition for weight loss
Conclusion... The year of celebrating 23lbs is over, cause I can do better. In all honesty I quit holding myself accountable after losing 23lbs. I quit pushing myself. I quit giving it 100% effort. I never took it to the next level. I bought into the lie that I had lost so much without "having" to exercise to mean "I don't NEED to exercise". I guess I don't NEED to wear that Little Black Skirt again in my lifetime either, BUT I WANT TO. A friend of mine shared some wise words today- He said "Don't drink that average juice. Be GREAT".

No more AVERAGE juice. No more EXCUSES. Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL cause..

THIS Mommy Wants Her Body Back!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolution Solution--Set GOALS

Year after year I "resolve" to do x,y,z, which means I resolve to lose weight, save money, be a better Mom..pretty vague hence how do I even know if I've succeeded? I don't, so even if I've made progress I mentally wrestle with the feeling that it wasn't enough, all because I resolved (which sounds icky and like someone is ripping something precious away from you finally just give up and let them have it) rather than laying out a PLAN.

 I love the fresh start of a brand stinking NEW Year all laid out ahead of me like a chose your own adventure game board- the Year is my Oyster right now- delicious! So THIS year I resolved to toss the resolutions and set some GOALS- even though I have no idea what awesomeness this year holds, by mapping out where I'd like to GROW I will have a better basis for making choices in harmony with my heart!

Happy Goal Setting in 2014!

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